The next thing in fast food?
The next thing in fast food? iStock

It all started when NASA wanted to send a spacecraft to Mars (for almost a year) and thought about how to reduce the amount of food they fly with.

After much thought and money they were able to produce a pizza printer that could print hot pizza in space. The ingredients of the pizza are in the form of powder inside the printer and during printing it reconstitutes to make the pizza. Through the new invention they hoped that they could also ease the weight of the spacecraft and also give astronauts tasty food.

In the end, due to budget cuts (yes - even to NASA it happens) management decided to give up the idea and the printer stayed on Earth, but the printer's inventor did not give uo. He took his invention and began selling printed pizza to people who are not flying into space soon, so now you have a chance to taste the pizza without wearing an astronaut suit.

In light of the success of the pizza printer, a rival company started producing a sushi printer. This printer is built differently so that the sushi is produced as small food squares that later connect to form sushi. Meanwhile, the sushi looks a bit square and pixelated (perhaps inspired by Mayncraft) but in the meantime it looks like a promising start for the fast-food industry.