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Roni Cohen, 27, was planning her upcoming wedding - scheduled for September - with her fiance Bar Armon, 29.

Cohen's plans were upended six weeks ago when she found herself diagnosed with leukemia. Her only hope is to find a bone marrow donor who can save her life.

"She didn't feel well, so in the morning we went to the emergency room," Armon related. "In the afternoon, they told us she had leukemia, and in the evening, she found herself hooked up to chemotherapy."

"She was supposed to be my wife in September. She'll be my wife, but only if we manage to save her. The only way to save her is by finding a match who can donate bone marrow."

Last week, the family found out that no match had been found for Cohen, either in the Israeli bone marrow registry or in the global registry. That doesn't mean no match exists - it just means that he or she isn't registered to donate.

"And if that's not enough, we were told that if we don't find a donor within the next month, the love of my life's story will end at age 27. As you certainly understand, I have no intention of allowing that to happen."

Potential donors are either half Yemenite or half Moroccan, or are of mixed Yemenite and North African ancestry. The compatibility test is simple spit test and takes approximately 3 minutes.

On Sunday, Ezer Mizion will set up 30 donation stands around Israel, in an effort to find Cohen a potential match. Potential donors can also visit "Oranit Ezer Mizion" in Petah Tikva to check their compatibility.