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The four army recruits who refused to visit Yitzhak Rabin's grave and abandoned the base were sent yesterday to 14 days in prison and six days on probation, Kan reported.

According to a report published last week, the four recruits, yeshiva students who serve in the “Hesder” track combining army combat service with Torah study, refused to visit the grave of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin on ideological grounds.

After receiving notice from their company commander that they would be punished for their action, the recruits abandoned their base.

It should be noted that the four recruits asked politely from their commanders not to visit Rabin's grave and to wait outside the section of the “nation's greats” on Mount Herzl until the end of the tour. A source familiar with the details said, "They were upset that [army superiors] made such a big deal about Rabin and did not respect what they believed in."

"Rabin and Peres represent something political that for them is a disaster, and they do not want to be educated. They did not show disrespect and did not cause a scene, but merely asked that their feelings be taken into consideration," the source said.