Tanks (illustrative)
Tanks (illustrative) IDF spokesperson

An IDF soldier was killed on Saturday when a shell burst into flames in his tank.

Three other soldiers were injured, two of them severely.

The four were stationed on the Egyptian border.

Initial investigations show that the IDF received information on a smuggling attempt from Egypt. The attempt was foiled, but a short time later, there were reports that the smugglers were attempting a terror attack somewhere else along the border.

The tank's crew were called to the scene, and for an unexplained reason, decided to drive down the slope near the Nitsana Stream. When the tank reached the bottom of the incline, it began to slide towards the stream, and the shell exploded.

The hospital said, "Three people who were injured are hospitalized, after a tank overturned during the early morning hours. Two of them are unconscious and breathing with assistance, in the intensive care unit. Their condition is severe, and they suffered third-degree burns in various areas of their bodies. An additional person is being treated by the department for plastic surgery, and he is in light condition."

IDF Southern Command Commander Eyal Zamir opened an investigation into the incident.

"The IDF shares the sorrow of the deceased soldier's family, and will continue to help them, as well as the families of the injured soldiers," an IDF spokesperson said.