Michael Oren
Michael OrenArutz Sheva/Eliran Baruch

Deputy Minister Michael Oren (Kulanu) slammed the Supreme Court of Justice after it rejected an appeal from the Salomon family that asked to fully destroy the house of the terrorist who murdered three of their family members in a bloody July terror attack.

"The Supreme Court of Justice again proves that it is disconnected from Israeli reality, and has decided to demolish only part of the house of the terrorist who murdered the Salomon family in Halamish, displaying the growing gap between judges and public opinion," tweeted Oren.

Oren called on Israel to change its process for selecting justices, which he alleged caused the judges to ignore public sentiment. "In Israel, the judges choose themselves, and in practice, the Supreme Court of Justice does not conform to Israeli public opinion. Our judges' selection method puts us in the same list together with Thailand," said Oren.

"The Israeli citizen cannot influence the selection of judges in the Supreme Court," continued Oren, pointing out that in the United States, "citizens have two options to influence how judges get selected".

In Israel, judges are selected by the Justice Selection Committee. Aside from the Justice Minister, the committee is composed of an additional cabinet minister, two MKs, including one from the opposition, two Bar Association representatives, and three Supreme Court justices, including the Chief Justice.

The Salomon family had demanded that the Supreme Court order the total demolition of the house of the terrorist who brutally murdered three members of the family in their Neve Tzuf home in July.

According to the instruction of the Supreme Court for such situations, the IDF has only demolished part of the floor on which the terrorist lived and not the entire house.