Machpela House, Hevron
Machpela House, Hevron Eliran Baruch

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that the residents of the Machpela House in Hevron must be evacuated.

15 Jewish families moved into the Machpela House last July after purchasing the building from a member of the the Abu Rajab clan. However, other members of the Abu Rajab clan claimed that the residents had forged documents regarding the transaction, and that no sale had taken place.

In December, the familiesagreed to be evacuated on the condition that the State agree to demolish a nearby storehouse illegally set up by local Arabs. In its ruling, the Supreme Court rejected the residents' proposal.

The decision of the judges states that "there was no defect in the position of the State that occupancy by the Company [that purchased the house] or anyone acting on its behalf should not be permitted in the part of the structure that was vacated in 2012, this until there is a decision on the right of the Company to register ownership of the property or any other decision made by Land Registration Committee."

The residents have accused the Civil Administration of dragging its feet in making a final decision concerning ownership of the building since they were first evicted in 2012, leaving them without access to the property they legally purchased for nearly six years.