Shlomo Filber
Shlomo FilberYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The names of the seven detainees in the so-called “Case 4000” were cleared for publication on Monday night.

Among those detained was Bezeq's controlling shareholder, Shaul Elovitch, his son Or, and his wife Iris. Also detained were former Communications Ministry director-general Shlomo Filber, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s former media advisor Nir Hefetz, Bezeq CEO Stella Hendler, and senior company official Amikam Shorer.

The suspicions attributed to them include bribery, fraud, breach of trust and money laundering.

The main suspicion in the affair is the bribery of Prime Minister Netanyahu by members of the Bezeq group, among them Elovitch and his family, in order to advance its business interests in the Ministry of Communications.

It is suspected that the benefits they gave Netanyahu and his family included sympathetic coverage of them on the Walla! news website which is owned by Elovitch, in exchange for advancing Bezeq's interests in the Ministry of Communications by suspended director general Shlomo Filber, who is considered Netanyahu's close associate.

Shaul Elovitch attorney said, "Elovitch categorically denies the suspicions against him. We suggest patience and not to rush to draw conclusions. We are confident that when things become clear, it will be possible to see that no offense has been committed."

The attorneys representing Handler stated, "The CEO of Bezeq fully cooperates in her investigations and denies the suspicions attributed to her. Hendler is confident of her innocence and that in due course it will be decided to close the case against her.”

Hefetz's attorney said in response, "Hefetz was summoned for open testimony (not under warning) only about a month and a half ago at the Israel Securities Authority, and answered all the questions he was asked. According to law, even when there is no certainty regarding the status of the interrogee, it is appropriate to clarify to the interrogee that the possibility of becoming a suspect exists. This was not done in our case by the investigating authority, and in this matter there is great significance for the continuation of Hefetz's interrogation. In any case, I am convinced that at the end of the investigation it will become clear that Hefetz is not a suspect, and he will return to his business."

Shorer's lawyer said in response, "Shorer acted in his various positions according to professional standards, as required from the issues he dealt with from time to time. The attempt to connect him retroactively with other events we have heard about over the last two days is very forced and does not match the facts."

A statement on behalf of Iris Elovitch said, "There is no basis to the allegations against Ms. Elovitch, and we are convinced that this will be clarified."

A statement on behalf of Or Elovitch said, "There are serious factual and legal arguments that could undermine any suspicion in the matter of Or Elovitch, and we have no doubt that this should be the conclusion of the investigating authorities as soon as possible."