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More than 1,000 demonstrators associated with the Yerushalmi Faction (Jerusalem Faction) gathered this evening, Wednesday, in front of the military “Prison 6” in northern Israel within the context of recent anti-draft protests, NRG reported.

However, in contrast to protests of recent days characterized by rioting, road-blocking and clashes with police, this evening's protest saw yeshiva students sitting and studying Torah.

According to the organizers of the protest, the yeshiva students, from the city of Hadera’s Knesset Yitzhak yeshiva associated with the Yerushalmi Faction, the students had merely transferred their evening study session from the walls of the yeshiva to the gates of the prison.

The protest included chairs and bookstands, Torah lessons and speeches by protest leaders, in an apparent effort to hold an orderly protest without rioting.

According to the Yerushalmi Faction, “The refusal of most haredi MKs to sign a letter condemning the Yerushalmi Faction protests proves that the conservative haredi public understands that, even if there is disagreement between Torah leaders over the method of protest, there is no doubt that the draft decree is on the agenda, and the demonstrators, under the instruction of their rabbi, Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach, are the core of Torah adherents and yeshiva students everywhere.”

By law, every Israeli must register with the IDF, but if a male recruit brings a letter signed by his yeshiva head attesting to his full time Torah study, he is eligible for an unlimited deferral. However, Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach, who leads the Yerushalmi Faction, has called upon supporters not to cooperate with the IDF in any capacity, even to secure a draft deferment, instead encouraging young haredi men to ignore the draft board and if necessary be arrested.