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Tow truck Flash 90

An Haifa man was indicted on Tuesday for several counts of auto theft, after he used a tow truck to steal vehicles and transfer them to Palestinian Authority towns.

The suspect, Rafi Oppomedo, 40, is charged with driving without an appropriate license, disturbing a police officer, 11 counts of auto theft, and intentional damage to vehicles, .

Initial investigations show that the suspect bought a tow truck in order to carry out the planned thefts. At the time of the purchase, the suspect promised to remove the sticker with the previous owner's name and phone number. However, he did not keep his promise. Instead, he left the sticker and the owner's name, changing the phone number to a disconnected number.

For several months, the suspect searched parking lots around the country before finding a vehicle which met his requirements. Upon finding the vehicle, the suspect towed it directly to the checkpoint on Route 5, leaving the stolen vehicle in a Palestinian Authority town, where it disappeared.

Ituran, a company which provides stolen vehicle recovery and tracking services, worked with Israel Police to investigate the suspect and his methods, and were able to link him to several instances of stolen vehicles.

Investigators have requested Oppomedo's arrest be extended until the completion of proceedings against him.

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