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IDF base Police Spokesperson

Officers from the IDF Operations Division, who were sent to conduct an inspection in one of the Southern Command bases, succeeded in reaching a classified military order and removing it from the base, although the order was supposed to have been held under tight security, Arutz Sheva has learned.

Under the limitations of censorship, it can be said that the secret operative order in question deals with possible IDF activity in the Gaza Strip.

If hostile elements had managed to steal the secret command, it might have reached the enemy's hands, allowing it to prepare for a day when the IDF decides to implement the order - and posing a serious threat to state security and the lives of soldiers.

Head of Southern Command General Eyal Zamir called the successful theft of the document “a most serious incident in which fundamental secrets of Southern Command were successfully stolen from a base that is supposed to be protected against hostile elements.”

“This is one of the most severe incidents that has taken place in Southern Command,” he said, asserting “serious negligence” on the part of the operations officer in the reserve battalion that was stationed on the base from which the secret order was stolen.

It should be noted that the officers who conducted the inspection on the base belong to a unit that routinely inspects IDF bases to ensure that they are being secured properly.

Yesterday, a break-in at a military warehouse in northern Israel was discovered. Weapons were stolen from the site, including anti-tank bombs, thunder bombs, anti-tank mines, and bullets. Military police launched an investigation.

About a month ago, an IDF base in southern Israel was broken into and more than 15,000 rounds of 5.56mm caliber rifles were stolen, and last May, some 30 weapons were stolen from the Sde Teiman base in the south.