David Friedman
David FriedmanReuters

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman on Friday responded to the terror attack at Jerusalem's Lions Gate, in which three people were injured.

"I am shocked and horrified by the despicable attack today in Jerusalem," Friedman tweeted. "Terrorism must be condemned by all and defeated. We pray for the victims."

Israeli Culture and Sport Minister Miri Regev (Likud) said, "The murderous terror attack which occurred today immediately after the terrorists left the Temple Mount, forces us to examine thoroughly the Temple Mount's status quo."

"It's time the Temple Mount was opened to everyone, without limiting the hours they can come or the areas which they can visit. The Temple Mount should be like any other site in Jerusalem.

"The Waqf should only run the mosque - not the entire Temple Mount, which is under Israeli sovereignty and is the responsibility of the Israeli government. This is the only way we will e able to restore quiet and security to the Temple Mount and the Old City.

"We will all pray for the welfare of the victims, and we wish the a speedy recovery."

The Waqf is a radical Islamist organization which runs the Temple Mount's mosques, and the Temple Mount itself.

Three terrorists left the Temple Mount on Friday morning armed with two rifles and a pistol, and shot at policemen they happened to see on their way towards Lions Gate. Other policemen chased down the terrorists and eliminated them.

The three victims are currently in Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus. One is in moderate condition and the other two are in severe condition.

According to an Israel Police spokesman, Israel Police officers and a commissioner are carrying out assessments, and security in the area has been heightened. The Temple Mount will remain closed throughout the day