The Israel Security and Intelligence Service (Mossad) contends with complex and dynamic challenges in many spheres of activity. In the current era, technology is one of the organization's main growth engines, and is a basis for successes and intelligence and operational achievements.

Libertad will be an additional arm of the Mossad's technological force build-up, and will enable rapid research and development for technological build-up and for meeting the Mossad's various goals in an innovative and challenging environment, while focusing on areas of interest relevant to its activity. For this purpose, Libertad will invest in R&D programs of cutting-edge technology startup companies.

Libertad's investment mechanism connects the Mossad to the Startup Nation in a unique and first-of-its-kind manner: The Mossad's investment is equity free. In return for financing R&D programs, the Mossad will receive a license to use the technology developed, without imposing any restrictions on the IP developed, and without paying royalties.

The Mossad is calling for companies and entrepreneurs involved in cutting-edge technological R&D to submit proposals for R&D projects. Following are the Mossad's current areas of interest (initial call for proposals):

1. Innovative robotic technologies in the fields of flexible robotics, biomimetics, miniaturized systems, all-terrain capabilities and silencing solutions, for land, sea, and air.

2. Innovative energy harvesting and self-powered systems providing solutions for increased performance and/or miniaturization.

3. Innovative technologies for encrypting information at high speed (100 Gbps or higher), using unconventional and groundbreaking methods.

4. Innovative technologies for automatic identification of personality characteristics (Personality Profiling) based on online behavior and activity.

5. Various automatic methods for summarizing documents, cataloging, extracting entities and semantic connections, using machine learning and other areas, in Hebrew and other languages.

Additional areas of interest of the Mossad will be released from time to time as calls for proposals in the framework of Libertad.