One of the terrorists who murdered seven people at the London Bridge on Saturday was covered as part of a British Channel 4 documentary broadcast last year on jihadist activity in Britain.

According to the Sun website, a 27-year-old man who worked at Kentucky Fried Chicken and London Underground, was nicknamed "Abaz". He appeared in the documentary "The Jihadist Next Door", where he can be seen in a scene in which a group of jihadists waves an ISIS flag in a public garden at around 15:30.

British Prime Minister Theresa May said the police knew the identity of the three terrorists. However, for reasons related to the investigation, the authorities have yet to publish the names.

According to reports, "Abaz" is a British native and father of two. In the past, he was thrown out of the mosque where he prayed after shouting that participation in the British elections was an anti-Islamic act. A friend of his called the police and reported that he had heard him talking about ISIS-style murders, but while the police did question Abaz, he was not arrested and his passport was not taken away. The friend told the BBC that Abaz had become a radical influenced by jihadist preacher Ahmed Musa Jibril's YouTube lectures. Jibril is a Palestinian Arab who operates in the United States.