The exploding telephone
The exploding telephoneTerem Spokeswoman

A 9-year-old resident of Jerusalem, who left for school this morning (Thursday), did not imagine that the Samsung S4 cell phone he was holding in his pocket could hurt him.

The boy kept the phone in his pants pocket and as he walked down the street, the cell phone exploded. The boy was rushed for medical treatment at the Terem emergency clinic in Jerusalem, and was later released for home rest and continued follow-up.

Dr. David Zlotnik, Deputy Director of Medicine for the Terem network, was the doctor who treated the child and said: "The child came with his parents and was in a great deal of pain.

"Although we have heard from time to time about cell phone explosions, this is still an unusual case, and even more so, according to the boy, because the phone was not used in any unusual way and was placed in his trouser pocket," Zlotnik added.

There is no shortage of reports of exploding Samsung S4 batteries. A Melbourne 15-year-old schoolgirl was left with first-degree burns after her Samsung mobile phone exploded in her lap and set fire to her skirt. A man in Hong Kong says that his Samsung Galaxy S4 emitted flames so great that his house and his Mercedes were destroyed. And an Oregon man was dropping off donations at a neighborhood Goodwill when his new smart phone caught fire and exploded, burning his chest, lips and fingers.

Computerworld reports the possibility that Samsung may have attempted to suppress information regarding a potentially dangerous quality control problem in the Galaxy S4 range. According to them, a warrantied Galaxy S4 smartphone is alleged to have recently caught fire. The owner discussed the matter in a YouTube video. Samsung then allegedly contacted the customer offering to replace the device, but only on condition the video was taken down and the customer agreed never to discuss the problem in public again.