State Comptroller's report
State Comptroller's reportFlash90

For over a month, politicians and media reporters have prepared Israel's citizens for the biggest drama of all. Never before was there such cynical and political use of the State Comptroller's report.

The politicians and analysts who praised Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon for their restraint and moderate goals during the Operation are now partying as if this is their dream report. These are the same people who praised Netanyahu and Yaalon then for the fact that they did not get sucked into a ground operation as the Cabinet had suggested. And now they are trying to push Israel to elections.

Their party will end very soon.

Israel's citizens are incredibly smart, and they know both politicians and analysts aren't interested in whether the report does or does not reflect the truth - they see it only as a way to stab each other. It's a short-lived brouhaha, since we're already dealing with the submarine scandal.

I have no doubt that the IDF does not need the State Comptroller's report in order to learn the necessary lessons from how it handled operations in Protective Edge. The IDF does not need this report for intelligence, and they do not need it for future operations in Gaza, whenever they take place.

The Prime Minister will do what he needs to do in order to ensure his ability to update Cabinet members without worrying about leaks. He can adopt a policy of training ministers to deal properly with complicated diplomatic and military operations. But this is absolutely not the same as classing Operation Protective Edge as a failure. Hamas' leadership must be really grateful for Israel's self-flagellation and self-pity. It hasn't had a boost to its morale like this one in a long time.

Every analyst chose one line from this report, and slapped his agenda on top of it. One "objective" analyst compared Operation Protective Edge to the Yom Kippur war, Netanyahu to Golda Meir, and Yaalon to Moshe Dayan.

Only idiots who supported the Oslo Accords could say we had political options for dealing with Hamas.

Another analyst built a tower of cards on the air raids, and the State Comptroller himself turned the tunnels into Operation Protective Edge's main issue, while purposely ignoring all of the other security threats.

With how much cynicism can the media afflict parents who are mourning for fallen sons? How much cynicism does it take to have them appear on television and tell the government to learn a lesson? It's difficult - nearly impossible - to handle the pain of parents who lost what matters most to them. How cruel it is to use their pain in order to criticize the army and the country's leaders.

It's a shame that political nitpicking has skewed the State Comptroller's report and sent it straight to the archives. It's a shame this report has joined the unending attempts to overthrow Israel's right-wing government.

Adapted from Israel Hayom.