Scene of Armon Hanatziv terror attack
Scene of Armon Hanatziv terror attack Yonatan Sindal/ Flash 90

The Supreme Court rejected Thursday the petition of the family of the terrorist who carried out a ramming attack at a promenade in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Armon Hanatziv last month, against the order to seal the terrorist's house.

Four soldiers were murdered in the attack.

Following the attack, the Home Front Command issued an order sealing the residential unit where the terrorist lived with his wife and children.

Justice Yoram Danziger, who led the panel which heard the petition, said that "the attack was planned, it was cruel and unusual in its severity, and it had terrible results when taking into account the large number of casualties. Another fact which is indisputable, is that the terrorist carried out the attack for his own motives and ideology, namely that his involvement in the attack was direct involvement."

Justice Danziger noted that while the apartment in which the terrorist lived was to be sealed, there was no reason to believe that the children of the terrorist would not be able to live with their grandparents in the same building, as the building was not slated to be demolished.

Justice Anat Baron said that the court had reached its decision based on evidence that the terrorist's family had "concrete knowledge of his plan to carry out the attack in real-time."

"Under these circumstances, even given the questions on the deterrent effectiveness of house demolitions, I came to the opinion that the demolition of the residential unit is proportionate," she concluded.

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