Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Alex Kolomoisky/POOL

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu began Sunday's weekly cabinet meeting by discussing US President Donald Trump's recent inauguration.

"We congratulate President Trump. I appreciate his deep friendship with Israel, as well as his willingness to fight radical Islamic terrorism with all his might and power," Netanyahu began.

"This evening, I will speak on the phone with Trump. We will discuss the many issues facing us, as well as the Israel-Palestinian conflict, the situation in Syria, and the Iran threat.

"I would like to clarify something. Putting a stop to the Iran threat, especially the threats which result from the disastrous Iran deal which was signed, remains a top priority for the State of Israel."

Netanyahu also hinted he may annex Ma'ale Adumim, saying, "Regarding the 'settlements', there is no one who worries more about that than I and my Likud government do. We will continue to take care of Judea and Samaria wisely and responsibly, for the good of the communities there and for the good of the entire State of Israel."

Earlier on Sunday, it was reported that in a Likud meeting, Netanyahu called the Regulation Law "irresponsible" and said passing it would cause more anti-Semitic resolutions to be passed in the UN.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister denied this report, saying it was skewed and that the PM said something else entirely. "It never happened. The Prime Minister said the Regulation Law was one of the UN's excuses for passing their recent resolution, which probably would have passed anyway."

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