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The High Court is demanding that Amona residents commit to a peaceful evacuation even before it discusses the state's request to postpone the evacuation.

"In order to remove all doubt, all the respondents who are residents of Amona are requested to declare unequivocally that they agree and commit all as one to evacuate peacefully without any altercation or opposition in accordance with the date which the court will determine, without the matter being an expression of the court's opinion at this stage," stated the judges Wednesday evening. They stressed that the residents declaration had to be submitted by Thursday morning.

Yesterday the State Attorney petitioned the High Court to delay by 45 days the final date by which Amona would be evacuated, in accordance with the arrangement signed between the state and residents.

The State Attorney's Office stated in the petition that due to the complexity and sensitivity of the evacuation of over 40 families and about 200 children from Amona, the state invested extraordinary efforts into finding a solution which would allow the community to be evacuated peacefully and without conflict, while minimizing any damage done to the residents.

The petition added that on Monday the residents of Amona had agreed to leave peacefully based on the arrangement which the state had made with them to construct alternative housing in the area.

The state added that despite the fact that due to legal issues the state could not begin to fulfill its side in the arrangement and construct buildings on plot 38, the residents stated that their agreement to evacuate peacefully was still valid.

The construction of the temporary housing in the alternative plot was delayed after 9 Jordanian relatives of an Arab from the town of Silwad who represent 9 of the 10 alleged owners of the land filed claims of ownership on the land slated for the relocation of Amona on his behalf. The state is waiting for the verdict before beginning construction of the temporary housing, despite having transferred the land to the jurisdiction of the Binyamin regional council.

The postponement requested now is required to find temporary housing solutions for the residents of Amona, who agreed to evacuate peacefully and also to investigate the factual circumstances and legal ramifications of the change in designation of plot 38.

The state emphasized that it will not be requesting additional postponements even if the arrangement is not implemented within 45 days.

The state added that it was endeavoring to significantly reduce the potential ramifications of a violent evacuation while providing a suitable response for the families living in Amona. The time frame requested is short, well defined and absolutely final.

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