Clinton and Huma Abedin in New Hampshire
Clinton and Huma Abedin in New Hampshire Reuters

Hillary Clinton is facing a serious trust deficit, new polling shows, dragging her favorability ratings down below those of Donald Trump – making her the most unfavorably viewed major party presidential candidate in the history of American polling.

According to a new McClatchy-Marist poll, most voters believe Clinton has committed criminal actions, while an overwhelming majority think she has behaved unethically.

The poll, which surveyed 940 likely voters from November 1st to the 3rd, shows that a whopping 83% of voters believe the former Secretary of State behaved unethically, while a majority, 51%, say she broke the law.

Those numbers were fueled in part by a months-long investigation by the FBI into Clinton’s secret, homebrew internet server, which she used for handling business-related emails during her tenure as Secretary of State – including classified documents.

The October 28th announcement by FBI head James Comey regarding the resumption of the investigation following new discoveries from a parallel inquiry into disgraced former congressman Anthony Wiener rekindled questions over Mrs. Clinton’s trustworthiness, with her numbers on that crucial index falling below Mr. Trump’s.

According to the latest Fox News poll, just 41% of voters have a favorable opinion of Clinton, compared to 42% for Trump. Fifty-eight percent have an unfavorable opinion of Clinton, compared to 56% who view Trump unfavorably.

The effect on voters of today's New York Post article by Paul Sperry, a former DC bureau chief for Investor’s Business Daily and a Hoover Institution media fellow, which revealed that Clinton directed her maid Marina Santos to print out classified materials is not known.

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