Fishing boats near Gaza
Fishing boats near Gaza Abed Rahim Khatib /Flash90

A Gaza fisherman was recently indicted for smuggling diving equipment to Hamas. The fisherman also attempted to smuggle weapons in Gaza, but was caught by the Egyptian army.

A South District criminal attorney sent an indictment against the 23-year-old fisherman on Sunday morning to the District Court in Be'er Sheva, charging him with three counts of committing crimes against the State of Israel.

According to the indictment, the fisherman made contact with Hamas terrorists in 2013 and used the fact he was a fisherman to smuggle diving equipment into Gaza, using a fishing boat he received from Hamas.

During 2015, the fisherman attempted to smuggle 200 kilograms of weapons in return for $1200, but he and several others were caught by the Egyptian army.

The indictment also mentions the fact that he committed his crimes in conjunction with an outside party. He is being charged, among other things, with committing crimes, giving services or making equipment available to terror organizations.

The file is under investigation of Shin Bet security forces and the Israeli police. Attorneys have requested the fisherman's arrest until all legal proceedings against him have reached their conclusion.