MK Michal Rozin
MK Michal Rozin Flash 90

Israeli MK Michal Rozin, a member of the radical left wing Meretz Party, has crossed a line in trying to harm Israelis living in Judea and Samaria by encouraging American Jews to pressure the IRS to discourage donors to these communities.

In a letter to members of the left-wing American organization J Street, she calls upon J Street members to sign a petition that would put pressure on the Treasury Department to end tax-deductible donations to organizations that expand "settlements".

"J Street needs 33 more people in your state to sign our petition to the US Treasury," the email reads.

“I am convinced,” Rozin writes, “that Prime Minister Netanyahu is leading Israel down a disastrous path, putting our future at great risk. Many important voices in Israel are beginning to realize this.”

Rozin claims that “the settler movement and its powerful allies in the Netanyahu government have been quietly laying the groundwork for annexation in the West Bank’s Area C. In 2016, they have already demolished more Palestinian homes than in all of the last year.”

The petition explains that “organizations engaging in activities which are helping to dispossess Palestinians of their land and aiding the spread of settlements continue to benefit from tax-deductible American contributions,” and calls upon the Treasure Department “to review whether such donations should benefit from tax-deductible treatment under existing IRS requirements and, if not, to end their tax-deductibility.

The Judea and Samaria communities are home to educational institutions for at-risk youth, synagogues, hesder yeshivas and many other worthy charitable causes, a fact ignored by MK Rozin.

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