Canada Photo: Meital Cohen/Flash 90

The Montreal police have arrested an anti-Israel activist on the suspicion that he assaulted pro-Israel demonstrators on August 10th.

The suspect, Francis Mondel, is head of the "Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights" organization in Quebec University at Montreal (UQAM).

The assault occurred during a demonstration by pro-Israel activists against the international social forum conference in Montreal. Anti-Israel presentations were included in the conference.

Protesters associated with far-left organizations assaulted the pro-Israel demonstrators, and one of them threw a punch to the face of a demonstrator. Shoving and scratching of two other demonstrators were also reported.

In another case, a worker at the Physics and Astronomy department at York University was fired following an investigation into anti-Semitic remarks he had made.

The complaint against the worker was filed by the Bnai Brith organization, and included quotes from his Facebook page in which he had expressed admiration for a Nazi officer, called Zionists "enemies", blamed Israel for the 9/11 attacks, claimed that Anne Frank's life story was a fabrication, and said that the Zionists had collaborated with Hitler in running the concentration camps.

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