Doron Shaziri
Doron Shaziriצילום מסך - הערוץ הראשון

Leah Shaziri, mother of paralympic sharpshooter Doron Shaziri who won a bronze medal on Monday at the paralympic games at Rio hopes that her son will win another medal today.

"The grandchildren are helping us to follow the results through the computer. We're all hoping for another medal. He brings us enormous joy," said the mother in an interview with Arutz Sheva.

Leah is very proud of her son Doron who has already won nine medals and feels that her son, who was wounded in Lebanon, proves every day what willpower can do.

"He was 19 when he joined the Golani Brigade's Orev unit and served as a sniper. His entire life from the age of 13 he has been a sharpshooter.

"In the course of his Lebanon combat service he was injured while patrolling a road near the Beaufort position. He went to save someone else and was injured himself, his foot was amputated under the knee. He went through a long rehabilitation but succeeded in getting on his feet. Doron proves to everyone that if one falls one must get up and go on, always with renewed willpower - and if one really wants to attain something one can attain whatever one wishes.

"Even if there is darkness one gravitates towards the light, this is how we educated them, through our own example. We are no champions, we came from Iraq and Iran and married young, but we gave a lot to the children and now we are reaping the dividends."

Doron has proved his success in other realms. "He managed to have a family with two children, Tamar aged 19 is studying in an army reserve program while Yonatan,15, is a high school student. Unfortunately five years ago his wife died of cancer but Doron has never stopped looking forward with tremendous optimism."

"He has a business building wheelchairs for disabled people, especially for sportsmen. He's the only one in the country involved in this. His success is our success," says Leah.