Rambam Hospital in Haifa
Rambam Hospital in HaifaFlash 90

A Haifa bus driver named Roi Levi exhibited outstanding resourcefulness yesterday, when he turned his bus into an ambulance.

At a certain point in one of his daily lines, Levi discovered that one of his passengers had lost consciousness and had collapsed.

Levi didn't hesitate, and decided to quickly rush the passenger - along with all the other passengers on board - to the Rambam Hospital. As the bus arrived at the reception room of the hospital, medical staff immediately started treating the passenger, a woman in her forties.

Levi, who became an overnight hero, told Yisrael Hayom that, after he had noticed that the woman had fainted, he decided to "close the doors and fly to the hospital. When the son of the woman who had fainted came up to me later - I saw my own son in him."