A survivor of the terrorist attack on a Normandy church this morning, Sister Danielle, recounted the horrors of the incident to the French channel BFMTV. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, which resulted in the murder of Father Jacques Hamel, and ended when security forces shot the two terrorists.

Sister Danielle related that the two terrorists arrived at the church armed with knives during Tuesday morning prayers.

“Everyone was shouting ‘stop, stop you don’t know what you’re doing’. They forced him to his knees and obviously he wanted to defend himself and that’s when the drama began," she said, adding that she fled the church while they slit Hamel's throat.

“They didn’t see me leave,” she said. “They were busy with their knives. They were filming themselves preaching in Arabic in front of the altar. It was a horror. Jacques was an extraordinary priest. He was a great man, Father Jacques.”

French President Jacques Hollande condemned the incident, calling it a "cowardly assassination," and claiming that France would fight ISIS "with all our means."