Site of Baton Rouge shooting
Site of Baton Rouge shooting Reuters

The man who shot and killed three police officers in Baton Rouge has been identified as 29-year-old Gavin Long, two law enforcement sources told CNN.

Long died in a shootout with police following the incident. He reportedly carried the attack on his birthday, having been born on July 17, 1987.

Authorities believe two other shooters may be at large, according to CNN. Long was apparently wearing all black and was wearing a mask, according to Baton Rouge Police Department Sgt. Don Coppola.

Coppola added he did not know what the mask looked like, but that it was "some type of mask to conceal (the shooter's) identity."

In addition to the three officers who were killed, three others were wounded in Sunday morning's incident.

The deadly attack came 10 days after a U.S. Army veteran affiliated with Black extremist organizations murdered five police officers and wounded several others in a shooting during a "Black Lives Matter" protest against police brutality in Dallas, Texas.

The gunman, Micah Xavier Johnson, was eventually killed by police.