David Tal with Rabbi Ovadia Yosef
David Tal with Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Shas Party

Former Knesset Member David Tal passed away on Saturday at age 66 after a long battle with cancer.   

Tal is survived by his wife and six children. The funeral procession will begin Sunday at 4 p.m. from his Rishon Lezion home and make its way to Ganei Ester Cemetery.

David Tal was Born in Tunisia and raised in Rehovot. After completing his studies at an ORT high school in that city, he served as a First Sergeant during his national service in the IDF.

Tal began his political career as an MK of the Shas party and became a Deputy Speaker of the Knesset. After that, he joined Amir Peretz's new One Nation party and when Peretz merged his party into the Labor Party, Tal broke away and founded his own, one-man faction, Noy.  He returned to the Knesset for a fourth term, and was reappointed Deputy Speaker with Ariel Sharon’s Kadima party.

"The Shas movement and party chairman Rabbi Aryeh Deri are mourning and in pain with the premature departure of former Israeli Knesset member, David Tal,” read a statement by the Shas party.

“He was a first-rate, friendly man, a loyal partner, a founder of the Shas faction in the Histadrut, a man who faithfully fulfilled his mission and worked hard and conscientiously for the public at large. We send condolences to his wife and family. May the heavens console you and may you know no more sorrow.”