Esti Weinstein
Esti Weinstein Police spokesperson

Despite efforts by members of Zaka, Israeli police, and thousands of volunteers, the search for a missing mother of seven ended in tragedy on Sunday.

Esti Weinstein, who disappeared six days ago, was found dead in her car near an Ashdod beach.

Given the condition of her body, it is estimated that Weinstein died days before her discovery.

Yossi Landau of Zaka, who was one of the first to arrive on the scene, described the grisly discovery.

“We received a report of a locked car on the HaKashatot Beach in Ashdod. I arrived at the location within a matter of minutes after we got the report. Unfortunately, at the scene we found the body of a woman, roughly 50-years old, who judging by the signs of [decay] appeared to have been in the car a number of days.”

“In this case, as in many others, we turned to the public to help us find a missing person. But while in most cases this [help] is very useful and often helps prevent tragedies, this time, to our sorrow, the search has been discontinued, as the missing person has already been found dead.”

Weinstein, a 50-year old mother of seven, was estranged from six of her children following her divorce and departure from the Gerrer Hasidic community.

As Weinstein left religious observance, along with one of her daughters, her remaining six children cut off contact. After their refusing her pleas for a reconciliation, Weinstein left a despondent note, then disappeared.

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