Neturei Karta in Meah Sharim (illustration)
Neturei Karta in Meah Sharim (illustration) Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Haredi extremists targeting religious soldiers found a new form of indoctrination: children’s Purim costumes.

During the celebration of Purim in Jerusalem last Friday, religious soldiers traveling through the Meah Sharim neighborhood were stunned to see that children’s holiday costumes were now being used as vehicles for incitement.

Called the “haredi soldier exterminator," the costume includes a faux poison spray pack and spray wand, reminiscent of the sort used by pest control specialists.

On the back is a mock business sign for the extermination company, which offers to exterminate all sorts of religious servicemen including soldiers, policemen, border police, riot police, “and more."

The fake advertisement even shows a religious soldier lying dead on his back after being sprayed.

Incitement against religious soldiers has become common place in some haredi enclaves. Recently a dummy dressed in an IDF uniform was “hanged” above a street in Meah Sharim.

Late last February a haredi soldier and his son were targeted by stone throwers outside of a yeshiva in Ashdod.