Baby Hadar Arbus
Baby Hadar ArbusPhoto: Screenshot

In Or Yehuda, mourning continues for Hadar Cohen who was murdered on Wednesday in Jerusalem, and in Samaria's Elon Moreh, a newborn has been named in honor of the Border Police officer.

Aryeh Arbus, who resides in Elon Moreh with his wife Ruhama, wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday that they wanted to name their daughter “Ta’ir” (illuminate) but there "was no power-source of light.”

"Hadar - after we heard about your actions we found a source of light,” wrote Aryeh. “Few women have been privileged to participate in saving Israel as much as you were, with strength and splendor. The spot of your fall, facing the gates of Jerusalem, increased our connection to you."

The naming comes as the upcoming month of Adar approaches. "We welcome and bless Adar, we found our source of light, you. We will admire and commend your memory."

Cohen was on guard at the Damascus Gate of Jerusalem's Old City when a terrorist shot her and a second officer. Despite being mortally wounded, Cohen managed to return fire and prevent an even worse attack by the three Arab terrorists.