Pro-Palestinian activist in London (file)
Pro-Palestinian activist in London (file) Reuters

The Conservative candidate for London mayor has criticized the police's handling of the incident at King’s College University on Tuesday, when a violent mob crashed a talk by former head of Israel Security Agency (ISA, or Shabak) Ami Ayalon.

The candidate, Zac Goldsmith, has expressed “worry” over the lack of arrests since the incident.

In an interview with Jewish News, he said the attack was led by people who “weren’t just saying ugly things but they were doing ugly things. They very clearly crossed the line.”

“It worries me that no one has to my knowledge been arrested or charged by the police," he added.

Goldsmith also spoke about the importance of security for the Jewish community.

“There are without a doubt rising levels of anxiety because there are rising levels of anti-Semitism, in London, and it’s causing real concern,” he said. "The job of the next mayor is to deal with those anxieties by removing the threat,” a task that he opined “comes down to policing.”

He vowed that he’d make certain “the police have a zero tolerance approach to anything frankly that undermines the security of a particular community, like the Jewish community.”

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