An Israeli humanitarian agency has been lauded by locals for its work in flood-stricken northern England.

IsraAid - whose volunteers are more used to tackling natural disaster-stricken countries in the Third World - turned its attention to Yorkshire after hearing of the devastation wrought to local communities and businesses.

The agency's efforts were featured in a short BBC piece, as one local tradeswoman hailed the Israelis' dedication and hard work.

Meanwhile, the Israeli relief effort received enthusiastic praise from the Lord Mayor of Leeds, Judith Chapman, who lauded the "incredible initiative."

"I find it heartwarming to see that a delegation from Israel is prepared to drop everything in order to reach out to those in Yorkshire who have been effected by this recent terrible crisis and offer professional aid and support and their technical expertise," Chapman said.

"When we hear about the dreadfully disturbing events taking place worldwide then this humanitarian act puts everything into perspective and restores one's faith in mankind."