Peter Beinart
Peter Beinart Flash 90

Peter Beinart - the liberal Jewish-American commentator who thinks Israelis are "reaping what they sow" with the ongoing deadly wave of Arab terrorism - faced off against the equally-outspoken American Rabbi Shmuley Boteach at a recent debate in Tel Aviv.

The panel was by all accounts a lively one, but one particularly explosive moment occurred when Beinart challenged Boteach over his support for conservative Jewish-American philanthropist Sheldon Adelson.

Referring to controversial comments by Adelson in 2013, in which he suggested the US drop a nuclear bomb in an Iranian desert as a "warning" to Tehran, Beinart called on Boteach to "repudiate" him in the same way as he calls on others to repudiate violent Islamists.

Sparks then flew as Boteach accused Beinart of misquoting Adelson, and excoriated him for the comparison


The "Great Debate" event at took place on the first night of Hanukkah at the David Intercontinental Hotel during the Globes Israel Business Conference, hosted in conjunction with Tel Aviv International Salon and StandWithUs.