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Chani Apiryon, a mother of five and resident of Kida in the Binyamin region of Samaria, spoke to Arutz Sheva on Wednesday about her miraculous escape from death Tuesday, when an Arab terrorist fired on her car.

Apiryon was driving from Beit El to her home, and while riding on the Beit El-Givat Assaf road she was ambushed by an Arab terrorist who opened fire at her from the side of the road.

"At a quarter to six I returned from work and I spoke with a friend on my phone's hands-free device," Apiryon recalled, reenacting the harrowing moments for Arutz Sheva.

"Suddenly I saw a young guy with a kheffiyeh (Arab headscarf, ed.) coming up on the road, before Hazevel Route, and then I realized he had a weapon in hand."

Apiryon said, "I shouted on the phone that they're shooting at me, and then he really started to shoot. I continued driving and he continued shooting."

"I looked back because there was someone driving behind me, but I didn't see her. My friend from Kida contacted the (police) hotline in the meantime, and I signaled to other cars coming from the other direction to be careful. When I reached Givat Assaf Junction, I told the soldiers that I was shot at."

The mother found that a number of the bullets had struck her car but miraculously did not hit her.

"There is damage to the front and back doors, the bullets hit the back seat and a bullet was under my seat."

This coming Shabbat, Apiryon said she intends to hold a party at Kida thanking God for her miraculous escape from death, saying, "thank God for making a miracle for me, for making a miracle for my people and my family."

"I will say the 'Gomel' blessing and hold a party of thanksgiving," she said. "It truly is a great miracle."