Jonathan Pollard
Jonathan PollardYehuda Glick

Former senior intelligence official Rafi Eitan, 89, who recruited and ultimately betrayed Jonathan Pollard, would like to meet him after he is released from jail Friday.

In an interview with Channel 1, Eitan said that there were plans to stop using Pollard's services but because of some specific terror information, it was decided to employ him for several more months.

"Then I received a message, when I was sitting at home, that he is being interrogated by the security officer in the place where he was employed." He then claimed that Pollard had several chances to leave the US before he was arrested but he did not take advantage of them. "In fact, I think that because of his wife, he did not leave the US, which he could have done," Eitan said.

"I received a message that he is trying to enter the Israeli embassy, and then I recommend to the security officer not to let him enter, and that is what happened."

Eitan said that he would "definitely" like to meet Pollard. While he has "no doubt" that Pollard sees him as being responsible for what happened to him, he added, but since both he and Pollard are now in the last phase of their lives, it is "permitted and necessary to meet."