(Illustration)Nati Shohat/Flash 90

Former MK Prof. Aryeh Eldad, who in the past was a plastic surgeon at the Hadassan Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem and Commander of the IDF Medical Corps, has been forced more than once to treat murderous Arab terrorists.

Eldad spoke to Arutz Sheva about the complicated topic, saying, "it isn't normal, we live in an abnormal situation that obligates us to do complete opposites. If I see a terrorist on the street I try to kill him, but if I wounded him and he is helpless, I need to take him to the hospital and treat him."

"It isn't normal and it isn't logical, but we are trying to maintain ethical behavior even in an abnormal situation," said the former MK. "The Hebrew medical oath obligates treating everyone, whether they're an enemy or a lover. Therefore, first of all try to kill him, and if he is wounded treat him."

"I suppose that around the world doctors are forced to treat rapists and murderers who don't really deserve to live - that's the reality."

Prof. Eldad recalled a Hezbollah terrorist who he was forced to treat in the late 1990s.

"The terrorist arrived with a false passport of a British citizen named Andrew Newman who was in Beirut, he arrived in order to set up a terror cell in Israel, was housed at the Lawrence Hotel and under his mattress had a suitcase full of explosives," said the ex-MK.

"One morning the suitcase exploded under his bed, he arrived for medical treatment from me," he continued. "He already lost his two legs, two eyes and one hand, and several other things he left at the hotel. He also had lots of burns, and as director of the burn victim department of plastic surgery he was brought to me."

Eldad recalled, "we treated him and saved his life. One morning in the department I said to him, 'Andrew turn towards me,' and then he said to me, 'my name isn't Andrew it's Hassin Makdad.' We realized he was in the mood to talk, and the Shabak (Israel Security Agency) succeeded in interrogating him."

"He was afterwards returned to Lebanon in a prisoner exchange deal, and I saw pictures of him on the way to Beirut, blind without a hand and legs, and saluting to (Hezbollah terror chief Hassan) Nasrallah."