Hanin Zoabi
Hanin ZoabiYonatan Sindel/Flash90

MK Hanin Zoabi (Joint List) held up Islamic Jihad terrorist and hunger striker Mohammed Allan as a symbol of Palestinian Arab rights on Wednesday, after reports emerged that his self-imposed condition may have caused him irreversible brain damage. 

"Throughout the period of his hospitalization in Barzilai (Hospital), we saw that the state is trying to paint a semblance of humanity, when the actual reality is somewhat different," Zoabi fired. "There are some questions that must be asked here: why did the Israel Prison Service, and also Barzilai, exclusively try to control information about Allan's condition for a week already? The Red Cross has been to the hospital many times." 

Zoabi accused the state of killing Allan slowly, stating that the hospital was instead attempting to present a "false image" of a humane Israel. 

'Why was a Palestinian doctor not allowed to visit him on Sunday?" she asked. Zoabi also wondered why he was not transferred to Ramallah instead. "All of this shows that the state did not really allow for true transparency, which is part of its war on Allan." 

Allan, as a hardened Islamic Jihad terrorist, would likely not have been released to the Palestinian Authority (PA) for obvious security reasons. The PA, currently, is still technically aligned with Hamas and Islamic Jihad in a "unity government," despite reports that the Gaza and PA factions have had numerous falling-outs over the past year and a half. 

Despite the fact that Zoabi probably knows this as an Israeli MK, she nonetheless championed Allan as a "victim" and a symbol of the "Palestinian cause." 

"We, as Palestinians, do not just want Allan to live: we want him to live free - on his own terms," she said. "The state is the one who brought him into this serious medical condition, and those responsible should pay." 

Allan, 31, emerged from a coma on Tuesday afternoon, and pledged to resume fasting if Israel did not resolve his case within 24 hours. 

Earlier Wednesday, Allan's attorney said he received an offer from the State Prosecution, according to which he will be released in early November, at the end of his current second term of administrative incarceration - and that his administrative detention will not be renewed a third time.

The High Court's final ruling on the matter has yet to be released. However, according to Haaretz​, the State will allegedly agree to release Allan immediately in the event that he has shown to have suffered irreversible brain damage. Later in the day he was found to have brain damage although it remains unclear if it is irreversible.