Paramedics treat victims of Jerusalem gay parade stabbing
Paramedics treat victims of Jerusalem gay parade stabbingMiriam Alster/Flash 90

Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud)announcedWednesdayafternoonthatat the end ofthe consultationwiththe actingpolice commissioner, Major GeneralBenzi Sau,a possible conflict of interest has been removed in the internal investigation over police conduct before the Jerusalem Gay Pride parade.

Anna Ben Mordechai Raziel, Commander of the Mevaseret Zion station, had been appointed to head the internal investigation over police misconduct, under the auspices of Jerusalem Police District Commander Moshe Edri.

Raziel, however, is Edri's direct subordinate - providing a conflict of interest problem in the event she finds him at fault for the oversight.

Last week's stabbing spree injured five people and fatally wounded 16 year-old Shira Banki. Banki was laid to rest Monday in an emotional ceremony with thousands of people in attendance

Among other things, the committee will check whether police examined in depth any intelligence information regarding the dangers threatening the gay pride parade.

It will also look into a possible lack of coordination between the police and the Israel Prison Service (IPS), which released stabber Yishai Shlissel three weeks ago after he served 10 years for a previous stabbing attack at the Jerusalem Gay Pride parade in 2005.

The committee will begin investigating who is to blame for the oversight on Wednesday, Walla! News revealed. Due to testify are Brig. Gen. Effi Havivian, commander of the Zion area, and commander of the Moriah division, Kobi Davidian.

Edri will be a prime focus of the investigation as well, and he will be scrutinized over whether he examined intelligence information enough in the weeks leading up to the parade.

The investigation marks the latest in a string of scandals which have rocked the Israel Police over the past year.