Murdered: Chaya Zisel Braun
Murdered: Chaya Zisel BraunCourtesy of the family

Against the backdrop of Wednesday's terrorist murder, President Reuven Rivlin addressed the growing Arab violence in Jerusalem at the memorial for murdered minister Rehavam Ze'evi,who was popularly known as "Gandhi," at the Har Herzl cemetery.

Ze'evi was murdered by PFLP assassins on October 17, 2001, at the Hyatt Hotel in Jerusalem.

"The murderous event that took place just yesterday, a short distance from where Gandhi was murdered, the terrible murder of a little baby, shocks all those who have a human heart.

"The supporters of terror will do all within their power so that we cannot walk the streets of Jerusalem, but we must guard the safety of Jerusalem and its residents, to walk fearless in Jerusalem."

"Gandhi z"l was a man of honest truth," said Rivlin. "Gandhi refused to lie for ideology. One cannot help but admire his solid stance, which was hard as a rock. Gandhi was murdered in the city he was born in, and he was buried in it, too. The argument we had was over the love of the Land of Israel."

"Gandhi's spirit lives with us," the president added. "Not necessarily the controversies, but a Zionist spirit and the spirit of the whole and unified Jerusalem. We have been fighting the terror that struck down Gandhi, since the state was founded and before then. Fighting it with great force.

"Gandhi was murdered not far from where Chaya the baby was murdered. We will bring back the peace and quiet to the residents of Jerusalem, our united and eternal capital," Rivlin said,

The ceremony was also attended by the prime minister, other dignitaries and Ze'evi's family.

Speaking at the same event Prime Minister Netanyahu vowed "the harshest response" to terror in the capital.

Earlier in the day, Rivlin issued a statement that said: “The increasing incitement on the Arab streets and the streets of Jerusalem, which unfortunately receives the backing of leaders in the Arab world, has the ability to destroy the delicate balance of life in Jerusalem, and carry us all into a maelstrom of destruction and pain."

“At such difficult times, our hearts are with the bereaved family and wepray for a quick and complete recovery of the wounded.”