Crime scene (illustration)
Crime scene (illustration) Thinkstock

Toronto saw the dawn of "Black September" in 2014, according to the Toronto Star - with the most murders in one month over a 25 year-period. 

Twelve people were killed in September 2014, the most since 1990. 

On average, the Canadian metropolis sees just 5-7 murders per month, and September 2014 breaks a previous record of 14 murders last November. 

Even before the first week of October came to a close, four additional people had been murdered, for a total of 45 this year. 

Then, on Sunday, a fifty year-old man was shot on the corner of Weston St. and St. Clair; his body was found riddled with bullet holes. The motive for the murder remains unknown.

On Monday, two high school students and another man were shot in downtown Toronto. 

The murder rate steadily dropped in Toronto until recently, making a slow comeback again beginning roughly three years ago.

There were 84 murders in 2007; 70 in 2008; 65 in 2009; 63 in 2010; and 51 in 2011. 

However, since 2012, the murder rate has begun rising again, according to the Toronto police's website - with homicides rising again to 56 that year, and 57 total in 2013. As of October 2014, the homicide rate is now closing in on 50 people in ten months. 

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