Fatah leader Tawfiq Tirawi
Fatah leader Tawfiq TirawiFlash 90

Once again, a member of the Fatah movement which is touted as a “peace partner” for Israel has called for violence against Israel.

"I support a powerful response by the resistance, but one that inflicts casualties, especially in the occupation army... because this is the best way to influence them," said Tawfiq Tirawi, a member of the Fatah Central Committee, in an interview with the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen TV.

The interview was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

In the interview, Tirawi declared that “the Israelis do not understand the meaning of flexibility. For the Israelis, flexibility means that you are making concessions. This has been their notion for over twenty years.”

“Throughout our negotiations with them, whenever we came up with a new suggestion and so on, they considered it to be a concession, and began exerting pressure, along with their allies, particularly the U.S., in order to get more out of us. The Israelis are responsive only when they suffer casualties and losses,” he said.

“I support a powerful response by the resistance, but one that inflicts casualties especially in the occupation army. I am against inflicting civilian casualties, but I support it in the occupation army, because this is the best way to influence them. So yes, I support inflicting casualties among them, so that they will return to the negotiating table, and give us what we want,” added Tirawi.

Several weeks ago, Tirawi posted a message on his Facebook page in which he called for ethnic cleansing against Jews and Israelis.

Tirwai has long been a proponent of violence against Israel, calling on Palestinians to take up arms shortly after the Hamas-Fatah "unity government" was declared in April. 

In recent weeks, Fatah has called for violent "revolution" against Israel, and threatened the Jewish state by telling it to "prepare the body bags."