Soldier using smartphone (illustration)
Soldier using smartphone (illustration) IDF Spokesperson's Office

Brigadier General Rabbi Avihai Ronski, former Chief Rabbi of the IDF, condemned the use of social networking to protest IDF policy. 

"We have to see how [the IDF] is nipping this phenomenon in the bud, because the IDF is built on discipline and hierarchy and we should keep it that way," Ronski stated Friday, in a special interview with Arutz Sheva. "Using social networks like this may result in a very difficult blow to the Army." 

Ronski explained that while recent events surrounding the viral Facebook campaign for "David the Nahalawi" may be harmless, the widespread use of social media could be a major security risk.

"In this case, soldiers expressed their support for a fellow soldier, but what happens if a company commander annoys his soldiers and they think he humiliated them?" he asked. "Then the soldiers would open a Facebook page against it, and it could cause great damage to the IDF."

Rabbi Ronski added that soldiers should not upload photos of themselves from their bases.

"You see soldiers with their faces revealed [to the public] near their tanks, commanders suddenly find their pictures on social networks, these are things that cannot happen," he said.

"Soldiers must understand the damage potential of using social networks to protest phenomenon that they don't like, certainly when they aren't home on vacation, because it's precisely like a demonstration, " he concluded. "This needs to be addressed."

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