Nachal Haredi soldiers in this week's exercis
Nachal Haredi soldiers in this week's exercisIDF spokesperson

Soldiers in the Nachal Haredi Netzach Yehuda unit were called up for a surprise nighttime exercise – in order to see how well they could respond in an emergency call-up. According to their commander, Israelis can sleep easy, knowing that the capable soldiers of the unit are protecting them.

The exercise consisted of entry into and asserting control over an Arab village in Judea and Samaria. Some of the soldiers had been on leave, and were required to show up, prepared for action, within four hours. According to their commander, the exercise was conducted “in order to deal with a rise in tensions in the central Samaria area, where they operate. The soldiers were required to enter a village and, together with soldiers from other units, take control of a tense and violent situation.”

Part of the exercise included a 25 kilometer hike, with soldiers carrying full gear. “The entire operation was done without vehicles,” said the commander. “After asserting control over one village, the soldiers were summoned to another village, where they had to conduct a separate operation to impose order as well.”

It should be noted that the soldiers were not informed in advance that they would be performing this mission, the commander said. “Surprise exercises like these are good, allowing soldiers to use what they have learned in the field, and helps keep their skills sharp. They performed very well, and received high marks for their performance. All of us learned some new skills as well. Israelis can sleep soundly knowing these fighters are defending them.”