MK Tzipi Hotovely
MK Tzipi HotovelyFlash 90

Several Members of Knesset with the Likud party are forming a “group of rebels” that will oppose party leader and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu if he attempts to concede land to the Palestinian Authority, Channel 10 reports.

The “rebels” plan to quit the government if they believe Netanyahu is endangering Israel’s security in an agreement with the PA. 

Deputy Ministers Zev Elkin, Danny Danon and Tzipi Hotovely were named as among the “rebels.” They have reportedly contacted others within the party, including Minister Yair Shamir.

Coalition head Yariv Levin was named as likely to join them. Levin was recently reportedly to have declared in private conversation that if Netanyahu concedes to PA demands, he, Levin, will step down.

Hotovely recently openly declared that an Israel-PA deal under coercive terms would mean the end of the Likud.

“The signs are clear that the Americans intend to force us into a deal that will endanger Israel's security,” said Hotovely. She warned, “Netanyahu must realize that he will not have a coalition if he agrees to such withdrawals.”

Hotovely also warned those on the political right not to get complacent. “History has told us that calmness in the face of these situations is dangerous,” she said.

Danny Danon has also warned against Israeli concessions, which, he says, would put lives at risk.

Members of the Likud party have expressed concern over the ongoing Israel-Palestinian Authority negotiations as well. 

Concerns over negotiations have largely focused on predictions that land concessions would put the country in strategic danger, and would mean the forced relocation of many thousands of Israeli citizens.

Over 360,000 Israelis live in Judea and Samaria, and hundreds of thousands more live in Jerusalem neighborhoods that the PA is claiming as Arab land.