Dov Ber Glickman
Dov Ber Glickman Yaakov Zilberman

Like living under siege.

That's how Dov Ber Glickman, the 30 year-old Ukranian man who was stabbed on his way home from synagogue Friday night, described life as a Ukranian Jew to IDF Radio Sunday. 

"I left synagogue to return home," Glickman recounted, "when I saw two men standing at an intersection."

"I turned the corner, into a street that was not as well-lit, when I heard someone running after me," he continued. "I felt a blow to my head." 

According to Glickman, "people are now afraid to leave their homes." 

A local police investigation reveals that the unknown men had attacked Glickman from behind, knocking him to the ground before stabbing him 3 times in the legs. Glickman was found bleeding in the street after the assailants fled the scene. Glickman managed to get up and returned to the synagogue where he lost consciousness. 

His friends called an ambulance; Glickman was hospitalized immediately, where he underwent over 2 hours of surgery and was treated for blood loss. 

The Jewish community has appealed to the local police to access security footage from the crime scene, to both catch the perpetrators and prevent more anti-Semitic attacks.

Kiev is one of several European cities where anti-Semitism has been rearing its head. In March, the president of the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress narrowly escaped with his life after a bomb was hurled at his car as it pulled out from an office.

In the wake of the latest anti-Semitism, local Jews are being careful not to wear a kippah in public and security has increased at Jewish institutions in the city.