Arab detained over possible connection
Arab detained over possible connectionFlash 90

On Saturday afternoon an Arab stabbed a 30-year-old Hareidi-religious man in the neck by the Damascus Gate (Sha'ar Shechem) of the Old City in Jerusalem. The injured man was evacuated in moderate condition to Sha'arei Tzedek Hospital in the capital city.

Police began an investigation to hunt down the stabber, who escaped after the attack towards the direction of Highway 1. While some locals have been detained, no suspects have yet been announced.

Yossi Amar, a medic with United Hatzalah emergency response services, spoke about the incident after Shabbat ended.

"When I arrived on the scene I gave first aid to the roughly 30-year-old Hareidi man who was stabbed in his neck," relates Amar. "After the first aid that I and other medics gave him on the scene, he was evacuated to the hospital."

"Citizens told us that the stabber appeared to be an Arab-looking youth who fled the scene after the stabbing," said Amar. "Circumstances of the incident are being checked by the police who opened investigations to locate the stabber."

The location has been the site of numerous stabbing attacks by Arabs living in the area; Arabs stabbed a Jew there last July, and just last Friday another stabbing attempt was thwarted. The area has also been witness to Arab rioting in the past.

Meanwhile, three weeks ago a terrorist stabbed a police officer at the Adam checkpoint north of Jerusalem, causing him to lose a kidney.