A Jewish couple have received their wedding video, complete with a highly distasteful anti Semitic diatribe filling its audio track.

The shocking story appeared in this week edition of the British Jewish Chronicle.   

The newspaper reported how Londoners Claudia and Stan Gocman, were first made to wait nine months before a poorly edited video of their wedding arrived. After receiving an equally sloppily produced second version, the couple paid extra, to receive the original footage in order to have it edited by another company. When that arrived, they were shocked to find themselves privy to a diatribe of anti-semitic and highly offensive remarks all across the film's audio track.

Videographer Anthony Aurelius and his assistant, had spent the entire night discussing their hatred of Jews, while filming some 150 guests at the wedding.

As the bride and groom danced to traditional Israeli music, Aurelius says: 

"Mental, Israeli dancing, isn't it? There's a real feeling of like, they're better than everybody else, Jewish."

His assistant is then heard saying, "that's why the Holocaust," with Aurelius replying, "I don't blame Hitler for the Holocaust."

Later, whilst filming the drive through the capital, from the location of the wedding ceremony (chuppa) to the celebration that followed, the pair are also
heard making highly offensive remarks about Jewish women. 

"Jewish women are beautiful, but cows," the film's assistant says, adding "they are the meanest people in the world."

The bride, Claudia Gocman, told the British newspaper, "its completely anti Semitic and ignorant, even the assistant, who is Asian, was racist, I just don't understand it."

"At first I was really upset, but then I was furious," she was quoted as saying. "I can't even stand to watch the video, it makes me so angry."

Following complaints made by the British pair, Aurelius wrote in an email exchange: 

“I am very sorry for our stupid, childish conversation," adding, “I am also very sorry for offending you and possibly your family also. You did not deserve this. I am ashamed, in honesty."

In a separate hand written note which included a full refund, the Jewish Chronicle reports Aurelius added: “I am trying to walk a good life, but in this instance I failed very badly in God’s eyes. I need to grow up here it seems and pay more attention to developing my character. This has taught me a lot to grow up in terms of not just my actions, but what I say.”