Road sign to Kedumim and Yitzhar
Road sign to Kedumim and YitzharHillel Maeir

Terrorist gunmen fired Monday morning at a Jewish man, aged around 70, at the hitchhiking station outside Kedumim, in Samaria.

The man is in light to moderate condition. The bullets fired by the terrorists struck the man's leg. He received treatment from MDA emergency services.

Boaz, an eyewitness, told Arutz Sheva, ""I stood at Kedumim Junction facing the hitchhiking station. I saw a man standing there and a person in a white Hyundai Getz vehicle asking him for directions to Shechem. He pointed straight ahead. I heard a shot and then the vehicle moved. He jumped in my direction. I saw that he had been shot in the legs. I took off my shirt and applied a tourniquet."

There has been a surge in terrorist attacks in Judea and Samaria in recent weeks. Most of the attacks were in the form of rock-throwing ambushes.

A two-year-old baby, Adelle Biton, is struggling for her life after a rock ambush caused the car driven by her mother to crash last weekend.