Soft drink bottles fizz out in comercial
Soft drink bottles fizz out in comercial SodaStream commercial screenshot

For the first time, an Israeli company will run an ad in the Superbowl. Sodastream, which produces carbonated drink systems for home use, will run an ad that will tell hundreds of millions of people around the world that it is the preferred choice for anyone seeking a healthier beverage – and a healthier environment.

The Israeli-based company has for the past several years run a successful ad campaign emphasizing its contention that its products are more health-conscious, because they contain fewer chemicals and additives than commercial soft drinks. In addition, because users make SodaStream beverages at home using recyclable bottles, the company says that using its product can help reduce pollution by eliminating tens of millions of plastic bottles that end up in landfills and the world's oceans, lakes, and rivers.

In the ad that the company plans to run, which has been released on Youtube and has already garnered millions of views, users of the SodaStream system are seen helping to rid the world of plastic bottles. The ad will emphasize SodaStream's campaign as an environmentally conscientious choice for consumers who want to help reduce pollution, as well as live a healthier lifestyle.

The Superbowl is seen by some 700 million people around the world, and is seen as not only the championship game of professional American football, but as the “big leagues” of advertising by corporations. Ad agencies scramble to produce original, interesting ads for a huge audience which tunes in as much for the advertisements as they do for the sports action. The cost for an ad on the Superbowl is easily the most expensive of any television program.

Speaking Tuesday, Daniel Birnbaum, the CEO of SodaStream, said that the company saw advertising on the Superbowl as an important part of the company's strategy. “The ad is part of our expanded effort to reach out to the American and world market with our message,” he said.