Dan Meridor
Dan Meridor Flash 90

Rain is forecast for many parts of Israel Sunday, and this has supporters of Binyamin Netanyahu worried. They believe that a downpour would favor Netanyahu's nemesis within Likud, Moshe Feiglin, in Sunday's Likud primaries, and endanger the political future of Likud "prince" Dan Meridor.

Feiglin's supporters within Likud are considered to be a highly organized and dedicated group, in comparison with the average Likud member. Common political wisdom says that when a vote is held in unfavorable weather, it is the more dedicated and organized group that benefits.

Netanyahu's people are concerned that Feiglin will attain a position on the list that would allow him into the Knesset. Analysts estimate that Feiglin's chances to enter the next Knesset are very good.

The Netanyahu camp also fears that veteran minister Dan Meridor will receive an unrealistic placement. Meridor is considered a Likud "prince" along with other sons and daughters of Likud leaders, like Benny Begin and Limor Livnat. He is very close to former Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch and is probably the cabinet's most leftist minister.